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Full Louver Door Print
Product Information

Our louver door has a solid wood frame and slats that create a sturdy, timeless works of art. Mastercrafts® louver door is created from top quality materials and are offered in two separate options: Style A with louvers facing up or Style B with louvers facing down. The louver door options allow the viewer to see through one side and not the other depending on the style.

Full louver doors are available in two different wood species or a prime. Matching bi-folds also available.

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Product Specifications

  • Single Door Widths
    18", 24",26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36"
  • Double Door Widths
    36", 48",52", 56", 60", 64", 68", 72"
  • Door Height
    80", 84", 96"
  • Door Swing
    RH or LH
  • Thickness
    Varies by panel
  • Note
    Sizes vary