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Product Information

Our most economical line - the reversible deck boards give you the option of displaying either an embossed woodgrain or a brushed finish. UltraDeck® Natural™ is a composition of high density polyethylene plastic and wood fiber. Weathering will occur to give your deck a naturally weathered wood color, similar to what is shown below.

If desired, UltraDeck® Natural™ may be stained after sufficient weathering. A period of at least one year of weather exposure is recommended for stain to adhere. We recommend applying a composite suitable stain to a small test area to verify satisfaction with results prior to staining entire project.

During the fading process, UltraDeck® Natural™ will appear almost white in color before slightly darkening to the final weathered color.

Actual color may vary. Variable sun and rain exposure will weather deck differently

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Extruded from recycled materials. Available in lengths from 8' - 20'. Consistent plank uniformity 5-3/16" w x 1-1/8" h. No toxic chemicals. Hidden fastening systems available. Designed for 16" O.C.spans. Matching accessories available. Reversible deck boards are engineered for solid board-like strength with less weight, making them easier to transport and work with. Reversible boards weight approximately 1.4 lbs per foot.

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