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Composite Decking

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UltraDeck Fusion®

  • Three deep, rich multi-tone colors - Coastal Cedar, Driftwood Gray and Rosewood. Each board has a unique woodgrain appearance, creating an enhanced tropical look to the finished project.
  • Superior Durability - Encapsulated surface for advanced scratch, stain and fade resistance.
  • Enhanced Texture - Embossed with a woodgrain texture.
  • Fast and Easy Installation - Designed for use with UltraDeck® T-Clip™ hidden fasteners to both produce a professional appearance and speed up installation by automatically creating the proper gap between deck boards.
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UltraDeck® Rustic™

Enjoy the warmth and texture of UltraDeck® Rustic™ composite decking. It combines composite decking durability with the look of real wood. Choose from a plowed or rustic woodrain embossed surface. Rustic composite decking is available in a solid or hollow deck board, along with UV additives which provides fade resistance. Some fading will occur, giving your composite decking a naturally weathered look. The extrusion manufacturing process gives the Rustic composite decking planks consistent strength for a long-lasting deck.
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UltraDeck® Natural™

UltraDeck® Natural™ Composite Decking is the most economical line of composite decking at Midwest Manufacturing. The reversible hollow composite decking planks give you the option of displaying either an embossed woodgrain or a brushed finish.
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Composite Railing Systems

UltraDeck® also offers individual composite railing components. Mix and match railing components to design a railing and deck that is truly your own. Composite railing components are available in cedar, gray, natural and redwood.

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UltraDeck® Quick Cap™

UltraDeck® QuickCap™ is a great way to resurface your deck. This resurfacing product is sure to wow the neightbors.
Some of the features of this product are:
  • Affordable, easy-to-install investment
  • Cut installation time and expense by not having to remove old deck boards
  • Utilizes a hidden fastener system - gaps the boards, providing a finished look
  • Available in 3 rustic colors cedar, gray and redwood. Also features a UV additives to provide fade resistance

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    Fastening Systems

    UltraDeck® has several fastener options to choose from. Hidden fasteners provide a clean and professional look. DekMount Hidden Fasteners can be used with any of the collections. T-Clip Hidden Fasteners allow quick and easy installation and are recommended for use with the Fusion Collection and Rustic Solid. The T-Clip design ensures accurate deck board placement.

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    Composite Decking Accessories

    These will help you customize your deck.

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