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Pressure Treated Wood Decking

MicroPro™ Treated Wood Advantages:

  • Lighter “Natural” color.
  • Better corrosion protection for exterior code-approved fasteners and hardware.
  • Approved for aluminum contact.
  • Because of its lighter color-better paint and stainability.
  • Treated wood warranty programs.
  • MicroShades- Innovative micronized pigment color choices. Pressure treated wood colors similar to cedar.
  • Building code compliant.
  • Pressure treated with a non-arsenic based preservative.
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    Micro Pro AC2

  • Lighter "natural" color
  • More natural wood appearance
  • Because of its lighter color - better paint and stability
  • Better corrosion protection for exterior code-approved fasteners and hardware
  • CedarTone Premium

  • Rich color similar to Coastal Western Cedar
  • More preservative
  • Built-in water repellent
  • Building code compliant (ICC-ES, ESR 2240)
  • NAHB Approved and Grenguard Certified
  • Superior grades of lumber, all Made in the USA
  • Wood Foundations

    Wood foundation systems are, essentially, foundations using MicroPro AC2 pressure treated lumber and plywood for below grade walls and slab floors. The concept of wood foundations is not a new idea and with MicroPro AC2 brand products the theory of viable wood foundations is a workable reality.

    Energy: A full wood basement wall properly insulated will insulate three times as well as a typical eight inch poured concrete wall.

    Easy to Construct: Wood foundations systems are simple to build, install, and maintain. They can be prefabricated or built on site.

    Cost Effectiveness: Apart from using Stainless Steel fasteners and hardware, no special labor or requirements are necessary. This process needs fewer man hours which translates into substantial savings.

    Environmental Benefits: When you use long lasting MicroPro AC2 products, you're using one tree to do the work of many.

    Fastening Options

    DekMount® Hidden Fasteners are an excellent choice because they provide a clean professional look. They are easy to use: simply fasten the DekMount® rail to the top of frame joist, position deck boards, and fasten them to DekMount® rail from underneath.

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    Specialty Lumber

    For all your DIY projects, you'll find these specialty items very useful.

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    Treated Decking Accessories

    Finish your deck with style. With various products available, you can personalize your deck with ease. All products are treated with RainDance water repellant, and are available treated green or without MicroShades Cedartone pigment.

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