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Roof Trusses

Roof trusses or roof rafters are used in many applications such as new construction or add on additions. Roof trusses can save up to 25% in construction time and labor costs. Midwest Manufacturing has truss design teams to engineer any type of roof truss or rafter system to fit your application.
Product Categories

Residential Trusses

Since 1969 Midwest Manufacturing has been dedicated to engineering the finest roof and floor trusses for our guests. Our large manufacturing facilities also allow us to keep over 250 different truss designs on hand so we can ship immediately. Why wait when you can get what you need right away? Online Truss Store

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Agricultural Trusses

Pole barn trusses are also known as agricultural rafters and agricultural trusses. Pole barn trusses can be spaced 4' to 10' on center up to 120' spans. Midwest Manufacturing offers the most common selection of trusses in stock for immediate shipping. Online Truss Store

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Commercial Trusses

For our guests' convenience, Midwest Manufacturing has many of the most common spans of Commercial Trusses in stock at our plants throughout the Midwestern U.S. Also, 20' to 60' spans can be shipped to your job site. Online Truss Store

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