Plateau Bar
Overall Skill Level: Expert
The Plateau Bar is a multi-level bar composed of a bar seating area and a wrap-around counter. This project has been designed to accomodate your outdoor grill. Approximate size 8' 3"W x 5' 2"D x 3' 8"H <ul> <thead> <th>Products Used&#58;</th> </thead> <li>Catalina Pillar Sienna</li> <li>Catalina Pillar Tan</li> <li>Catalina Pillar 15" Sienna</li> <li>Catalina Pillar 15" Tan</li> <li>Catalina Pillar 10" Sienna</li> <li>Catalina Pillar 10" Tan</li> <li>Tumbled Holland Paver Red/Black</li> <li>Tumbled Holland Paver Quarry Gray</li> <li>Bullnose Paver Red/ Black</li> <li>Belgian Paver 3 x 6 Quarry Gray</li> <li>Belgian Paver 3 x 6 Sienna</li> <li>Countertop Mix</li> <li>3/4" Mealmine Panel White</li> <li>Silicone Black</li> <li>Landscape Adhesive</li> </ul>