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Product Information

The open, stackable construction of UltraDeck® Pinnacle Railing allows for design flexibility, simple quick installation, and a wide range of spindle and decorative panel options.
UltraDeck® Pinnacle railing has a robust assembly appearance.
- Manufactured to complement UltraDeck® Rustic™ decking.
- Installs 30% faster than traditional railing.
- Designed for railing up to 6' in width.
- Color fading will occur (see chart).
- Backed by UltraDeck®'s ten year limited warranty.

Rustic Fade Charts

Fading will occur at different rates depending on sun exposure of the products. Vertical applications such as spindles will fade at a slightly different rate than decking, as the sun exposure is different in these two areas. Over time, all Natural, Rustic and QuickCap decking and railing will fade to a similar shade.

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