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The Wetcast Yorkstone has a rich, smooth slate appearance. Available in three different sizes to coordinate various patterns into a patio or walkway. The round Wetcast Yorkstone is also available, which is perfect for a garden stepping stone. Wetcast Yorkstone is available in Charcoal and Sienna.

Wetcast Yorkstone patio blocks are perfect for: Patios and Walkways and Stepping Stones.

Approximate Size:
Large: 1-5/8"H x 16"W x 24"D
Medium: 1-5/8"H x 16"W x 16"D
Small: 1-5/8"H x 8"W x 16"D
Round: 1-5/8"H x 14"W x 14"D
Approximate Weight:
Large: 52 lbs.
Medium: 32 lbs.
Small: 17 lbs.
Round: 20 lbs.
Approximate Coverage:
Large: .37 Blocks Per SqFt.
Large: .56 Blocks Per SqFt.
Large: 1.12 Blocks Per SqFt.
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