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Composite Decking

Composite decking by UltraDeck® is low maintenance and durable. Our composite decking is a blend of plastic and recycled wood materials that is as easy to work with as wood.
Product Categories

UltraDeck® Fusion

UltraDeck® Fusion® is your top of the line, low-maintenance decking. The added cap layer provides the most fade, impact, scratch and stain resistance.
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UltraDeck® Triumph

UltraDeck® Triumph™ features a cap stock layer that provides the most fade, impact, scratch and stain resistance at an exceptional value.
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UltraDeck® Rustic

UltraDeck® Rustic™ is your low-maintenance composite decking that provides you with the look of real wood without the upkeep.

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UltraDeck® Natural

UltraDeck® Natural™ provides your home the low-maintenance benefits of UltraDeck® at a surprisingly affordable cost. Reversible deck boards allow the option of two finishes, making creative deck patterns easy to achieve.
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UltraDeck® Quick Cap

UltraDeck® QuickCap™ is an affordable and easy way to update the look of an existing wood deck with a low-maintenance deck resurfacing system.
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Online Deck Estimator

  • Create Your Dream Deck and See it in 3-D
  • Save Your Designs and Estimates Online
  • View Previous Designs and Estimates Online or at Any Menards® Store
  • Composite Railing Systems

    UltraDeck® also offers individual composite railing components. Mix and match railing components to design a railing and deck that is truly your own. Composite railing components are available in cedar, gray, natural and redwood.
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    Fastening Systems

    View the multiple options of fasteners for UltraDeck® products. Eliminate side gapping issues on Fusion®, Rustic™, and Natural™ decking by installing with UltraDeck® T-Clips™ or UltraClips.
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    Composite Decking Accessories

    Finish off your UltraDeck® project with Cladding or End Caps.
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