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Floor Systems

Engineered floor systems come in two styles (floor trusses and I-joist) and offer the ability to span greater lengths without bearing walls when compared to standard dimensional lumber. Floor Trusses allow design and construction options not possible with standard lumber such as; hidden duct work and plumbing, optional end treatments and conditions.
Product Categories

Floor Trusses

Perfect for new construction or additions, Floor Trusses are recommended to create multi-level structures, while hiding ducts, HVAC, and electrical. Midwest Manufacturing's Floor Trusses are engineered to clear-span longer distances than standard flooring systems. We carry a wide selection of in-stock floor trusses for prompt delivery. Plus, Midwest Manufacturing has an experienced team of Truss Design Engineers to create the perfect Floor Truss for your application.


Installing I-Joists saves construction time, which saves you money. Our I-Joists are easily cut to size, right on the job site, for a perfect fit every time. Plus, as an engineered product, I-Joists have qualities like strength and consistency that make it an easy choice over traditional lumber.

Rim Board

Rim Board is used in conjunction with I Joists to create a stable and sturdy floor system. The Rim Board is placed at the end of the I Joists to secure them together. Rim Board should have the same depth as the I Joist you are installing.