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Pole Barns

Pole Barns and Pole Buildings are made with steel roofing and steel siding. Midwest Manufacturing has a team of engineers to help design the pole barn or pole building to fit your needs. Whether it is a horse barn to store live stock and feed, an office building, storage shed or warehouse. We have many different pole barns to choose from and the ability to design one for your specific requirements. Pole Barns by Midwest Manufacturing are designed for strength and built to last. Our pole barns are designed to your specific needs.
Product Categories

Agricultural Pole Barns

Our pole barns can be used for multiple purposes whether you need a horse barn for housing your animals or a traditional pole barn for grain and storage. These pole barns are designed to be durable, long lasting, and functional. The pole barns listed are pre-designed and can be quoted quickly. If you are unsure of the size of the pole barn you need use this tool. Pole Barn Planner
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Commercial Pole Barns

Planning a retail store? Do you want an eye catching building? Planning an office building? Perhaps you want to design a warehouse to satisfy space requirements, and offer dependability to assure you that your contents are safe and protected. Whatever your plans, our pole barns will stand out and be noticed. Our engineers are there to assist you in your plans and help you make a decision you will be happy with. Learn More
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Storage Shed

Need more storage space, but not a full size pole barn. Unclutter your garage with one of our storage sheds. These easy to assemble sheds come as a complete kit and can be assembled in less than a day.
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