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Corinthian Solid Surface

With 18 colors and four edge styles to choose from, options are nearly limitless when designing Corinthian™ Solid Surface Countertops, Vanity Tops and Accessories. Composed of 100% acrylic material, solid surface is the only renewable countertop surface on the market today. Due to its non-porous nature, Corinthian™ Solid Surface products are safe for food preparation. This is why, along with its versatility and durability, solid surface products can even be found in most public spaces such as hospitals, restaurants and retail stores. By creating an impeccable balance between a unique atmosphere and a functional space, Corinthian™ Solid Surface products are the perfect choice for any Guest to make their kitchen or bathroom dreams a reality.
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Decorate your counters with solid surface tops in over 18 different colors.
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Edge Styles

The Double Roundover edge gives your countertop a robust look with a small radius on the top edge only. Standard size: 25-5/16"
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End Treatments

Applying end treatments is a way to make your design uniquely your own. While providing a decorative flare, a well chosen end treatment can also serve a practical purpose.
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Overhang Support

When extending your peninsula or island 12 - 15" past cabinet support, it will be necessary to support the overhang with brackets. Overhangs that exceed 15" require support to the floor.
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Due to some large dimensions, a countertop may need to be manufactured in multiple sections that will require a seam. Corinthian seams are inconspicuous and will not detract from the look and feel of your countertop.


Choose the location and height of your backsplash if desired. A standard kitchen backsplash is up to 2-7/8". high. Any backsplash that is over 7" high is considered custom and will be priced by the square foot. Any modifications such as notching for windows or outlets will have to be completed on the jobsite by the person(s) installing.


Endsplashes create a continuation of your backsplash that will enhance the look of your design and will also help protect your wall or cabinet from daily use. Like the backsplash, your endsplash is set-on and at standard 2-7/8" tall.

Faucet Holes

Choose from four faucet hole cutout options. Vanity faucet holes are 1-3/8" diameter.

*Faucet hole cutouts are available for vanity tops only. Faucet hole cutouts for kitchen sinks should be done on-site and cut using 1-3/8" hole saw.

Sink Options

Choose from Stainless Steel, Quartz or Acrylic for your kitchen countertop and Acrylic or Porcelain for your bathroom vanity.
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Integral Drainboard

Help keep your countertop clean by opting for an Integral Drainboard. Water from drying dishes drains directly into the sink, ensuring it doesn't remain on the countertop surface.


Whether you are looking to add a backsplash, endsplash, caps, or repair to your laminate countertops, we have extra accessories that will keep your countertop up to date.
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Other Options

We offer 3 inch bumpouts with a 3 inch clip and square corner bumpouts as well as standard corners and diagonal corners.
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Window Sills

Corinthian window sills are great for residential and commercial applications. Our sills have a thickness of 2 centimeters.