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Custom Craft / High Resolution Laminate

We know from experience what it takes to make kitchen and bath countertops to fit your lifestyle. Durability and beauty are built into each countertop using only the finest quality materials. All of the components used in producing standard laminate countertops and High Resolution™ countertops meet or exceed every industry standard in laminate countertop manufacturing. Installation fees can determine the way you customize and design your countertops. Laminate countertops offer the ability to "Do-It-Yourself," which will not put any restraints on your design. There is no need for a carpenter; just follow our installation instructions and your new countertops can be installed with ease. With 10 distinctive edge styles and over 170 color and texture choices, the variety offered by CustomCraft Countertops™ is almost limitless. While designing, you will be able to coordinate with existing elements in your living space or create an entirely new look. The right edge style and color combination can greatly enhance the beauty of any room.
Product Categories

Standard Laminate Colors

Standard laminate is available in a wide array of colors, patterns and finishes to give your kitchen or bathroom the desired look. With over 100 standard laminate color options, you'll find the perfect laminate for your project.

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High Resolution Colors

The dramatic depth and definition of High Resolution will have your fingertips reaching out to touch todays luxury laminate created by science and design. With a seemingly endless combination of patterns and colors that you would not see in other luxury materials, being able to afford the great things in life just became a reality. Over 50 High Resolution colors to choose from. Order Samples

Edge Styles

We offer different edge styles to complete the look of our laminate countertops. Edge styles available include round edge, ogee, no drip edge, wood, and much more.
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Available Depths

We have various depths that are available for your countertops as well as custom depths.

End Treatments

Applying end treatments is a way to make your kitchen design uniquely your own. While providing a decorative flare, a well chosen end treatment can also serve a practical purpose.
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Whether you are looking to add a backsplash, endsplash, caps, or repair to your laminate countertops, we have extra accessories that will keep your countertop up to date.
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Corner Options

Depending on your needs, different corner options are available.
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Common Layouts

If determing a layout is an issue, check out these common layouts that we offer.
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Miters and Joints

These are the only available miter options.
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Custom Islands

Order island end treatments such as radius, clipped, or eased corners, etc. if they are desired.

Undermount Sinks Options

Choose from Stainless Steel, Quartz or Acrylic undermount sinks to complete your countertop. All of these undermount sinks come factory installed.
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Other Options

We offer other laminate countertop options such as laminate shelving and special cuts.
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