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RiverStone Quartz

RiverStone Quartz countertops are made with 93% quartz, which makes their surface naturally heat and scratch-resistant. Quartz countertops are non-porous and engineered with a smooth, polished finish. Available in 18 vibrant colors and three edge styles, RiverStone Quartz countertops are a beautiful addition to any home. Quartz countertops are low maintenance and easy to clean, so you will never need to seal, condition or wax. Beauty and minimal upkeep are not the only perks. These countertops are food-safe and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. With all of these benefits, you can be assured you are buying the best surface for everyday living. It is often the natural things in life that inspire us, so choose quartz and take home the inspirations. After you have done the research, a clear choice stands out above the rest, and that is RiverStone Quartz. Quartz is simply superior to other countertop materials.

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RiverStone Quartz™ countertops offer an unmatched elegance, finishing, and style with strength and durability supplied by nature. We offer rich, vibrant, and natural colors in our Riverstone Quartz™.

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Edge Styles

Riverstone Quartz is available in 3 edge styles; Bullnose, Double Roundover and Ogee edge style.
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End Treatments

Applying end treatments is a way to make your design uniquely your own. While providing a decorative flare, a well chosen end treatment can also serve a practical purpose.
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Overhang Support

When extending your peninsula or island more than 12" past the cabinet, it will be necessary to support the overhang.
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Faucet Holes

Factory drilled faucet holes will make installation of your chosen faucet quicker and easier. All holes are drilled to manufacturers specifications. Add on holes for sprayers or soap dispensers.
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Sink Options

Select from Stainless Steel undermount sink options for your kitchen countertop or Porcelain undermount bowls for your vanity top.
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Backsplashes help to protect your walls from damage and water. They are available in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses and are standard at 3" high for vanity and 4" high for kitchen. Custom height backsplashes are available upon request.
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Endsplashes create a continuation of your backsplash that enhances the look of your design and will also help to protect walls and cabinets. Both backsplash and endsplashes are "set-on".
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Window Sills

Riverstone window sills are great for residential and commercial applications. Our sills have a thickness of 2 centimeters.