Workbench Print
Overall Skill Level: Beginner

Assembly instructions for 6' Workmaster workbench.
  1. Assemble right and left end frames. Use two screws on each end of each side rail. Make sure frames are square. Top or topside rail must be flush with top of front post and 43'4" below top of rear post. Lower side rail should be 101'2" up from bottom of post to top of rail. Ends of rails should be flush with outside face of posts.
  2. Place side frames 60" apart and install front and rear rails as shown. Use four screws on each end of each rail. Tops of front and rear rails should be flush with tops of side rails.
  3. Install 1x4 bottom shelf boards. Evenly space each board. Boards should overhang 31'2" on each end. Fasten with two screws on each end of each board.
  4. Install braces. Top of braces should be flush with top of top rails. Use two screws on the top of each brace and one screw on the bottom edge of each brace (about 1" up from bottom of braces) into posts.
  5. Apply 2x6 top boards. Fasten back board to rear posts first allowing 41'2" overhangs on each end. All boards should fit tight together and be fastened with two screws on each side rail.
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