Installing Pavers Print
Overall Skill Level: Intermediate

Installing pavers.
  • Shovel
  • Compacter
  • Saw with Masonry Blade
  • 1 Inch Diameter Pipes for leveling
  • 2x4 to assist in leveling
  • Paver Edge
  • Pavers
  • Paver Base
  • Landscaping Fabric
Installing Pavers
  1. Remove sod
    Excavate the installation area to approximately 6" larger on all sides than the actual finished size.
  2. Prepare & compact base
    Lay landscape fabric. Install paver base and compact to a finished thickness of 4" for patios and walkways and 8" for driveways. Paver base should be installed in 4" increments Prepare the base by firmly compacting the soil. Place 2" of paver base and thoroughly compacted.
  3. Screed sand
    Layout 1" diameter pipe on base. Pour 1" of play sand over compacted base. Screed the play sand by dragging a 2"x4". Level the surface in both directions with a level board over pipe.
  4. Install paver edge
    Install paver edge around the entire project 3" from edge of compacted aggregate.
  5. Lay pavers
    Lay paver stones in desired pattern with approximately 1/8" joints. If the desired pattern requires cutting, the paver can be cut with a circular saw with a masonry blade.
  6. Compact & spread sand
    Compact the installed pavers with a plate compactor in both directions at least two passes. Once compacted, spread play sand on the installation and sweep into joints. Compact again to ensure that all joints are completely full. Remove any remaining sand from on top of project. You can substitute paver locking sand in place of play sand to inhibit weed growth.
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