Maplewood Planter Ring*
Overall Skill Level: Beginner
The Maplewood Planter Ring is a great accent piece for any landscape project. The inner ring helps to make a tree more prominent, while the outer ring provides many different options to making this installation the centerpiece of your lawn. You can use the space within the outer ring as a raised flower bed and plant beautiful flowers that will draw attention to your tree. You can also fill the space with mulch or decorative rocks for a low-maintenance option that still adds appeal. The Maplewood Planter Ring utilizes Belgian blocks of different shapes and sizes to create an attractive border around your tree. The Belgian blocks are available in a variety of different colors and do not require any cutting for this project, so you can assemble this Planter Ring with ease.

Approximate weight of 2,775 pounds Detailed step-by-step instructions are available at the store with purchase. Please stop by our Building Material Desk to obtain these plans No cutting required Assembly required

Dimensions: Approximate size Inner Ring 1' 11-3/8"ID x3' 1-3/8"OD x 1 5-1/2"H' H Outer Ring 7' 3/4"ID 8' 2-3/4OD x 10-1/2" H Purchase Here