Nile Fireplace*
Overall Skill Level: Intermediate
Add style and versatility to your backyard with the Nile Fireplace. When entertaining on chilly nights outdoors you can keep your guests warm and provide an inviting atmosphere with a roaring fire inside this sturdy fireplace. This structure is constructed using attractive Belgian Wall Blocks. Cleaning up the blocks is a breeze, as they can easily be wiped down with water or gently sprayed with a hose when cooled. Please research and follow local building codes before purchasing and starting this project.

Approximate weight of 10,500 pounds Detailed step-by-step instructions are available at the store with purchase. Please stop by our Building Material Desk to obtain these plans No cutting required Assembly required Many other No Cut options available

Dimensions: Approximate size 5' 10" W x 4' 8" D x 6' 5" H Purchase Here