Webster Fireplace With 1 Woodbox
Overall Skill Level: Expert
Give your backyard or patio a cozy, yet functional atmosphere with the Webster Fireplace with 1 Woodbox. This fireplace is constructed using attractive Belgian Wall Blocks. Cleaning up the blocks is a breeze, as they can easily be wiped down with water or gently sprayed with a hose when cooled. The woodbox provides a convenient place to store firewood and keep it dry. Please research and follow local building codes before purchasing and starting this project. Approximate weight of 9,000 pounds Detailed step-by-step instructions are available at the store with purchase. Please stop by our Building Material Desk to obtain these plans No cutting required Assembly required Dimensions: Approximate size 8' 5-1/2" W x 3' 6" D x 8' 5-1/2" H Purchase Here