Design Requests

Digital Blueprint

Step 1. Fill out Truss Request Form

Step 2. Use Blueprint upload link to upload Blueprint and Truss Request From. Be sure to fill
out contact information and follow directions on the top of the page and click "Send it" before exiting.

Paper Blueprint

Step 1. Fill out Truss Request Form

Step 2. Fill out Residential Estimating Questionnaire (Word) (PDF).

Step 3. Bring both forms and paper blueprints to your local Menards store location.

Once the blueprint is submitted, Midwest Manufacturing® will begin the truss quote. If any additional information is required, a Midwest Manufacturing® Team Member may contact you about the quote. Once the Truss quote has been completed, an estimate will be emailed to your provided address. The Menards® store that you have selected, or the closest to your building site if you did not select a store, will receive a copy of your blueprint for any non-truss quotes. A Menards store representative will contact you once any non-truss materials estimate has been fully completed or if they need additional information.

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